Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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The latest build, #14, is looking a little chaotic. Greg drew up a bunch of wonderful art assets, but a lot of them had a tiny problem here or a tiny change needed there, so there's a bunch of things I haven't done yet but look functional, are half implemented, or are just plain buggy.

Things like the User Editing menu, the Level Selection menu, the Lock Editing button in the level editor...

I could work around the issues, but I'd rather leave them hanging like this until I get the new art assets, which won't be long at all. I'd rather just wait and do it right, than build some workarounds I'll just have torn apart by tomorrow anyway.

In this issue:
  • Victory and GameOver screens (the rating/next/retry buttons don't work yet)
  • Gravity Selector now works in the Level Editor (use keyboard shortcuts for fine control)
  • New wall art - looking for feedback on this!
  • New visible (if misplaced) mute icon shows status properly
  • A bunch of minor updates to visual elements and menus
  • Fixed death animation/sound

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