Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ratings Live

I hardly moved today!

I sat in my chair coding almost the entire day, start to end. It probably has something to do with being hung over.

Instead of introducing any new gameplay ideas I really want to work on nailing this interface and getting it out of the way.
  • Login and Signup menus now work properly (logout button coming soon)
  • Swap Controls toggle now works (in options menu)
  • Password change now works
  • "Next Level" takes you to the next incremental level number (even if it doesn't exist)
  • "Retry" button on gameOver screen works now
  • Rating buttons on the gameOver screen work now! You can only rate each level once (despite the buttons being there always...), and the rating not only reflects on the level, but on the level creator as well.
  • Implented security measures - valid username and password have to exist for all database transactions
  • Death graphic should now line up with the player graphics properly.
  • When dead you can't move and collect balls anymore. :3
I've got such a huge heap of data on levels, users, ratings, and votes now that I can start thinking about a level-browsing website. Should be interesting!

In bigger news: the game is now hosted on it's own website! Welcome one, welcome all, to! (.org also works)

The latest build (now #15) is always live on this site and I'll be phasing all the older links from the previous blog posts over to the new domain over the next few days.

Now then.. it's 2AM.. time to get some sleep.

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