Thursday, April 30, 2009

Down to the Buzzer, Space Squid!

Wew! 4 hours to go!

A very special thanks goes out to Ryan Madsen in this update. I've always wanted to have ink in the game, but could never find a decent mechanic for it to work out. Ryan thought one up on a whim and by golly it works.

Since I already had some art assets for ink in the game, it was fairly quick to prototype and test, and it's been uploaded in the new, shiny, Build 47. I really shouldn't be making sweeping changes like this so close to the deadline, but I really really really wanted ink in the game.

There will likely be just one more update to the game before release at midnight tonight with some quick bugfixes (if I find any). Here's what I've got so far in Build 47:
  • Ink now jets out of you when you hit the boost button... In fact, I renamed all references from "Boost" to "Ink."
  • The ink can capture stars. This adds a whole new layer of strategy to the game. Capturing stars this way will net you +500 points.
  • You still get +500 points for capturing stars with a full ink meter, so whether you use it or not shouldn't affect your score too much (directly). However, if used wisely, it can really decrease your time!
  • The ink persists in the game world for 5 seconds only - if it's underwater. If above water it doesn't start decaying yet.
  • You gain a 5000 point bonus for beating the levels in sequence without having to restart. Those who received this bonus are shown in Bold on the high score table.
  • The high score table was manually updated so those who didn't receive this bonus earlier now have it (and I lost my #1 ranking on several levels :( )
So now you can launch ink (use boost) in the air... Pros and cons there that add strategy to the game: You can use boost underwater, and get ink PLUS speed boost... Or you can use your boost in the air, and you only get ink... but the ink flies further and stays alive longer. A nice tradeoff!

Anyway... Almost there! Midnight, here I come!

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