Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Making of a Space Squid

I spent the day making a somewhat realistic Squid object. I even researched some squid physiology to get the dimensions right. After my disasterous failure (in the last post), I went through several iterations:
  • Build 6 - with this build I finally got my spatial coordinates right.
  • Build 7 - this build is a further step where I made my squid with a retardedly huge head
  • Build 8 - my lil' guy is finally coming together and looking like a proper squid! I have his joints hooked up wrong but I'm pretty proud of him.
  • Build 9 - I fixed up the squids joints and made him affected by gravity.
  • Build 10 - shaped the head a little bit and prevents the arms from being affected by gravity. The long arms still are, just not the short ones.
  • Build 11 - changed weight distributions in the squid's body and placed a few new planet types.
A fairly productive day - even if it is just easy-peasy object building, it was a lot of fun and really renewed my enthusiasm for the project.

My next goal will be getting the interface running properly. I've never dealt with mouse/graphics interactions before so this is completely new territory, and quite scary.

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