Friday, April 17, 2009

Update to the Space Squid Himself

Lil' Squiddy got an upgrade today! Build 35, or play it at try to beat my high scores! I'm dominating the tables!)

Now his cute eyes and mouth are clearly visible, and I added some meat to his arms and tentacles! properly made graphics, ahhh...

I suppose the most exciting part, though, is his Mantle is now anatomically correct and he looks (slightly?) less phalic. Good news for everyone. :)

A few other minor changes - objects now fall in from off the top of the screen from varying heights, so that the water hitting speed can be greater (or slower); you don't actually have to click the green arrow after typing your name; changed next level to spacebar; the minimum time for star pickups has increased from 4 to 5 seconds (which hits at level 20+), and other itty bitty updates.

It was such a small update this time around I didn't feel like it warranted it's own blog post and updated build number, but I've recently listed the game on and they require I keep the game as up to date as possible during the build period. *Shrug* Hopefully we can make each other some money!

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