Sunday, April 12, 2009

Space Squid v24: Rob Edition

OK, so maybe it wasn't all Rob's idea, but the way he pre-empted this version with his comment yesterday really makes me look guilty. I'd better give him recognition just in case ;)

Build 24 is up - a little half baked, but the concept is there. The screen should be fairly self-explanatory - make it to the green boxes!

(A future version will clean up the boxes and make the screen less cluttered.)

I can make it to Cute Factor 12 - but getting past CF9 is pretty difficult. Give it a whirl!


  1. This game is all you, Andy. Nice work!

  2. Definitely much better. The learning curve to control the little bugger is steep. But once I got it, it tends to play much more methodically, which is interesting. I got to 8 of the boxes before I finally died on my last play-through.

    It'd be interesting to make small changes to the squid to customize the maneuverability one way or another. But just from this one squid, I can already see a few different play styles emerging. That's always a good thing. :)

  3. I'm trying to brainstorm ways of making controlling the squid a bit easier. Hard controls are still the number one complaint, and with the recent release of v25 it's only that much worse. :(

  4. Hooray! This is the first version that I felt like I had a chance. I made it through three boxes.